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PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2023 8:58 pm
by SultrySerenaSC2
To register and enjoy all of the benefits of registration, click here:

Click "Agree" at the bottom and complete the few questions concerning email address and username and password selection.
Once that's done, you will receive an activation email. These are done manually by me, and it's not automatic. I process new registrations daily.

The benefits of registering?

It's free.
You can see the images the Charms post on the forum.
You can't see the chat box until you register/log in. Then you can enjoy real-time chats with the models.
You can send personal messages to the models.
You can post on the forum.
After the required 3 posts, you can vote for two models of your choice in every monthly contest.
No Ads, no trackers, no sponsors.
You will get ONE (1) e mail to your account to activate your registration. You will not receive anything else.
The only rules are, users cannot post images and rudeness is not allowed. The forum is for FUN!

In short...........
You can view ALL OF THE NAUGHTY PHOTOS charms post! You can vote in the monthly contest! You can chat with charms, using the mini chat!

AND ...... the forum is POP UP and ADVERTISING FREE. There are no trackers, no sponsors, nothing from outside businesses. You won't receive spam from SC.

It's all good!

If you need any help, you can post here, or email me and I'll help you :-)


PostPosted: Thu Aug 31, 2023 9:01 pm
by SultrySerenaSC2
Charms! In order to get "charm status" (have your name in pink) and access admin, you must register! I'm usually pretty prompt at assigning charm status, but if I overlook you, please post here or email me