Lacey Starr 101

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Lacey Starr 101

Postby heels1 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:48 am

Lacey on a hat trick, how exciting I cant wait to see if she posts today !!!
The Lacey fuckin Starr shirt shows of those breasts beautifully but it's the legs that have me straining today!
I have been asking for jeans and boots for ages and got some today !
I find it so sexy when normal everyday clothes like those jeans are combined with those incredible sexy high heeled boots. You can only see the boot heel but I'm sure these go all the way up her legs.
I'd love to see her walk in those boots, imagine the noise of those heels on the concrete floor, heaven xxxx
I would not be able to leave that ass of hers alone today, so fine !
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