How did you find Southern Charms?

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How did you find Southern Charms?

Advertising from SC
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Model Advertising
Social Media <Twitter Facebook etc>
A Friend
A Web Search
On Accident
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Re: How did you find Southern Charms?

Postby 51thL0rd » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:11 pm

I have been a avid fan of Southern Charms for many years, but I think I discovered the site purely by accident! :d
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Re: How did you find Southern Charms?

Postby FoxyLady » Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:56 am

through friends back in 2009
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Re: How did you find Southern Charms?

Postby bootkink » Fri Feb 01, 2019 12:19 pm

It was a former charms post on a smoking forum
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Re: How did you find Southern Charms?

Postby charlieSC3 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:56 pm

Back in February 2002 we were at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I was on a balcony having a ton of fun giving a good show for my pick of beads. Those of you who have bartered a good show for a special bead know what I mean. What a blast and so much fun in the trade. Hubbie was standing back watching and taking pics when some guys leaned over and said " she could have fun and make money on SC." He said "What's SC?" Several couples were Charms from SC at the upstairs bar that day. They talked to us about SC . We kept in touch, looked into it and I joined as a Charm later in 2002. It's 2019 and I am still here .

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Re: How did you find Southern Charms?

Postby ohalexSC22 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:24 pm

My former boss' wife had a site on SC and he opened our eyes (and our minds) to something that we enjoy so much! There are Charms who have become family and members I simply adore!

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Re: How did you find Southern Charms?

Postby RavenCharm » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:43 pm

My now husband had been a member of some Charms sites, he can not remember which now, but when we decided to take some pictures, he said do you fancy this and it went from there. For this of you who know, I started as ChristineUK but after getting up to 440 sets we had to crash the site due to privacy issues. Now however I am back up to 443 sets in a little under 3 years. It has been a great journey. Raven
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Re: How did you find Southern Charms?

Postby csd012 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:19 am

I can not recall how, but I have been a Southern Charms fan for about 20 years
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Re: How did you find Southern Charms?

Postby CalientegueraSC1 » Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:26 am

I was chatting on solutions and doing free cam shows, and a guy I chat with told me about this site. He told me I should be making money and not giving it away free.
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