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There we were on the king size bed, all 4 of us. We started off with just us girls... I kissed her and she kissed me. I licked her neck as I fingered her pussy and worked my way down to it. During this time, her man was eating my pussy....My man had his dick in her mouth. She played with his balls and tells me how huge his cock is. I fingerfuck her pussy and tell her she needs my mans cock in her pussy.... of course by this time, her man is already fucking me, slamming my head into her pussy...my red lipstick is smeared and my jaw is wet. Her clit rises and I can feel it with my tongue as she squirts her cum all over my chin. she pulls any head in, and then releases me with a whimper. She came so hard. Now she is really real for my mans cock. I suck my mans cock and then guide it into her pussy... he fucks her deep and hard, playing with her tits. she cums again as he cums into her.
I am moaning, enjoying every moment. This is when I cum, as I am rubbing my clit being pounded by her man. He cums into me, laying on top of me after we cum loudly together. She and I kiss and talk about the cream pies. I won't forget this night...
The visuals, the smells, the feels. Group sex is amazing when everyone clicks. And boy did we click.
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